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We have the accreditation from the Cambridge University to conduct the IGCSE Examination in the months of May/June. In  order  to cover a broad and balanced curriculum as recommended by Cambridge University, the students are offered 6 compulsory IGCSE subjects from Grade-10.  In Grade-10, the students are prepared for IGCSE examination in 2 subjects namely, ICT and English  In Grade-11, they are prepared for the 4 remaining subjects namely, Mathematics and three subjects from Science/Commerce stream.  In Science stream, Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects are offered whereas in Commerce stream, Accounting, Business Studies and Economics subjects are offered. 


The Breakup of the subject combinations is given below : 

Compulsory subjects (3 Subjects)

  1. English
  2. Information and Communication Technology(ICT)
  3. Mathematics

 Optional Combination (Science OR Commerce stream -choose any one stream ) 

    Science Stream    Commerce Stream
        Physics         Accounting
        Chemistry         Economics
        Biology        Business Studies

 Examination Strategy :

 Subjects for IGCSE Exam in Grade -10 (2 years    study - in Grade : 9 and 10)
Information and Communication Technology(ICT)
Environmental Management
English as second language
Subjects for IGCSE Exam in Grade -11 (2 years study - in Grade : 10 and 11)
Physics / Accounting
Chemistry / Economics
Biology / Business Studies

IGCSE Examination will be conducted in the school every year in May/June and only the students performing consistently will be permitted to enroll for the same. No student will be permitted to take the IGCSE Examination in October session unless it is a retake exam, subject to the approval of the school administration and University of Cambridge. Examination fees should be paid as prescribed by the school/CIE within the given date and fulfill all the terms and conditions as required by the school and competent authorities.


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about Al Amana

Al Amana private school is an independent school modeled upon the best international educational practice. It is committed to provide a global education of highest quality to children of all nationalities.The school is dedicated to enabling students to think seriously and creatively by establishing a strong foundation in academics .

The school shall endeavour to maximize the potential of every child through an active partnership between children, teachers and parents by maintaining and effective communication system.

The school look forward to develop students who seek knowledge and understanding of their world. The school expects them to take an active interest in events, knowing themselves to be agents of change –individuals who exhibit integrity in thought and conduct, understanding that each is  accountable for one’s actions .By preparing our students for Cambridge University Examinations and as responsible global citizens through an enlightened program of continuous institutional improvements, Al Amana private school will set a benchmark for excellence.