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The school buses ply to different areas of Sharjah, Ajman and Dubai. The students must be in full uniform and maintain discipline even when they are in the school bus. Any change in location shall be informed to the class teacher and the bus driver in writing by the parent. The bus fee is collected along with the tuition fee. To ensure the safety of all children a bus attendant is provided in each bus.


School Bus Safety Rules 

The following information is useful for school bus riders and their parents.

Rules for getting on the bus safely:

  1. Be at the bus stop on time.  Never run to or from the bus.
  2. Wait at the designated stop in a safe place well back from the side of the road.
  3. Remember the danger zone around the bus.  The danger zone is anywhere close enough to the bus to touch it.  The bus driver cannot see you when you are in the danger zone.
  4. If you cross the street to get on the bus:  when the bus comes, wait until it has come to a complete stop.  The bus driver will make sure all the traffic stops.  The stop arm will be out and the red lights will be flashing.  Watch the driver.  When the driver knows it is safe, he or she will signal you to cross, but watch for traffic yourself.  Walk, don’t run.
  5. Hold the handrail as you get on the bus.  Don’t push or shove.


Rules for Safe School Bus Riding:

  1. Take your seat promptly and sit properly, facing forward at all times.
  2. Hold bags and parcels in your lap.  Do not stick your feet into the aisle:  someone might trip.
  3. Keep your head and arms – everything – inside the bus.  Don’t throw anything out of the windows or around in the bus.
  4. Talk quietly.  The driver must concentrate to drive the bus safely.
  5. Save snacks for snack time at school or till you get home.  They may spill or you may choke if the bus goes over a big bump.
  6. No fighting, shouting or playing in or around the bus.
  7. Always follow the bus driver’s instructions.


Rules for leaving the bus safely:

  1. When you leave the bus, hold the handrail and take two large steps away from the bus.
  2. To cross the street in front of the bus, walk ahead at least ten giant steps (three metres).  Cross only when the driver gives a signal.  Cross the street in single file.
  3. If you drop something near the bus, don’t pick it up.  Tell the driver or other adult.
  4. If everyone is getting off the bus, the people at the front leave first.  Do not push.
  5. Be familiar with the rules for emergencies.


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Al Amana private school is an independent school modeled upon the best international educational practice. It is committed to provide a global education of highest quality to children of all nationalities.The school is dedicated to enabling students to think seriously and creatively by establishing a strong foundation in academics .

The school shall endeavour to maximize the potential of every child through an active partnership between children, teachers and parents by maintaining and effective communication system.

The school look forward to develop students who seek knowledge and understanding of their world. The school expects them to take an active interest in events, knowing themselves to be agents of change –individuals who exhibit integrity in thought and conduct, understanding that each is  accountable for one’s actions .By preparing our students for Cambridge University Examinations and as responsible global citizens through an enlightened program of continuous institutional improvements, Al Amana private school will set a benchmark for excellence.