Every Child is a God given Amana to be educated and developed into balanced individuals with well rounded personality

Our mission is to discover the student’s potential, nurture and transform them into responsible world citizens.


Being a home away from home, it is vital to maintain the integrity of AI Amana by adhering to a sense of decorum and general good behavior. The rules that govern this behavior serve to protect those who are a part of AI Amana. They also help in building a great environment for the sharpening of young minds.

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Extra Curricular Activities

Students should be encouraged to participate in every activity organized by the school. This will give an opportunity for the child to bring out his/her interests and talents. Occasionally, the students are taken out for picnics and educational tours with the consent of their parents in writing.

The school encourages all the students to take part in Debates, Elocution, Essay writing, Fancy dress, musical contests, games etc.

School Uniform

All students must wear proper uniform in the school:

Girls : Dark blue checked shirt and navy blue pinafore.

Boys : Dark blue checked shirt and navy blue pants.

Sports uniform : Students must wear P.E. uniform of their House on the P.E. and sports days. Uniforms are available in the school.

With the regular uniform, black shoes and with P.E. uniform white shoes should be worn. Regular uniform checks will be conducted and the students found violating the ‘uniform code’ will be given a maximum of two written warnings.

Parent Council

Al Amana fraternity congratulates and welcomes newly elected parent council committed members.

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